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Naoki Ikeda

Naoki Ikeda , Founding Partner
Attorney at law admitted in Japan and Michigan

Personal History

  • Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo in 1985 (LL.B)
  • Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (1985-87)(Bengoshi)
  • Registered with Osaka Bar Association in 1987
  • School of Law, Michigan University in 1993 (LL.M)
  • Associate at Dickinson Wright in Detroit from 1993 to 1994 (Licensed in Michigan)
  • Established Asunaro Law Office in 2003
  • Professor of Kwansei Gakuin University Law School since 2004 (Environmental Law, Professional Practice)

Professional Affiliation / Activities

  • Osaka Bar Association, Michigan Bar Association
  • Former Vice Chair, Environmental Committee of Osaka Bar Association
  • Member of Japan Association for Environmental Law and Policy
  • Board Member of Japan Environmental Lawyers Federation
  • Board Member of Japan Asian Friendship Society
  • Board Member of Nihon Volunteer Network Active in Disaster

Main Fields of International Business Activity

Legal Consultation on International Business and Contracts
Employment Disputes (Termination, Harassment, Worker’s Compensation)
Family Law Disputes (International Divorce, International Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support, International Inheritance and Will)
Collection of Account Receivables for foreign businesses
Personal Injury and Torts (Accident, Fraudulent Investment, Shareholders’ damages)

Pro Bono Activity
Environmental Protection (Pollution, Waste Management, Soil Contamination, Global Warming Issues)
Assisting Non Profit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurs (Big Issue Japan, Japan Asia Friendship Society, Bear and Forest Association, etc)

Major Representations

1 Ehime-Maru Collision case

Ikeda represented two victim families of Ehime-maru, a training ship of Uwajima Fishery High School sunk accidentally by a US atomic submarine. He was one of the leading negotiators with the US navy and worked together with two American lawyers. As a result , 1) the families could make the Navy to hold an explanatory meeting for victims, 2) they invited the former Captain Waddle to Japan for apology directly to the bereaved families, and 3) they settled the case without suing the Navy.

2 Unauthorized use of the King’s portrait

A Japanese Travel Agency published a famous King’s portrait in a simulated picture for promoting sightseeing without confirming the final authorization. Through mediation, the Kingdom settled the case in exchange for apology and compensation.

3 Fraudulent investment by US security firm

An US security firm solicited many Japanese corporations and made them invest significant amount of money in fraudulent corporate bonds. The team composed of US law firms specialized in security fraud and Japanese lawyers could collect substantial level of damages through US lawsuits and bankruptcy procedure for victim corporations.

4 Other cases for small corporations and citizens

Due to business globalization and development of web businesses, we see more business troubles across the border. In many cases, small corporations cannot spend expensive cost on relatively small transactions. Ikeda collected account receivables for German clothing trader, Nigerian automotive parts trading corporation and Hong Kong pearl exporting business based on the fee depending mainly on the actual collection basis.

Ikeda represented many foreign fathers and mothers on divorce, child custody, child support, visitation and related mediations or lawsuits in Japan. Japanese family law is not effective at all especially in child custody issues. International divorce is costly not only in monetary sense, but also in emotional stresses. We need substantial legal reform in this field but it is our mission to help those who need legal assistance in this area.

Other international cases include business contracts, termination of employment contracts, sexual harassment and other labor issues, immigration laws and personal injury cases such as traffic accidents involving foreign citizens or corporations.


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